New Commercial Capital, Inc. offers a range of financial services that are second to none. In partnership with you, we evaluate your needs on an individual basis while taking note of the current marketplace and its conditions. Then, we make financial recommendations with one thing in mind: your success. Take a moment to review our services listed below, contact us with any questions, and then we think you’ll agree that New Commercial Capital, Inc. has the tools to become your new business partner.


Factoring is a form of asset-based lending that offers four basic services which can be provided individually or together, based on the needs of the Client:

• Credit Protection (Payment Guarantee)
• Working Capital Financing
• Receivables Management
• Collection Services


How Does Factoring Work?
This simple flow of charts will show the steps of how the whole factoring process works:


Who Needs Factoring?
Companies that can benefit from factoring include those that are:
• Rapidly Growing
• Seasonal and cyclical
• Start-ups
• Undercapitalized
• Have a lengthy manufacturing cycle
• Slow turnover of receivables
• High bad debt losses


What Are The Benefits of Factoring?
Factoring can help companies of all sizes by:
• Enhanced cash flow
• Elimination of bad debt
• Reduced operating costs
• Improved receivables management
• Increased sales volume


Why Use New Commercial Capital?
We strive to become your reliable financial partner by providing:
• Quality client services
• Competitive fees and interest rates
• Professional collection service
• Low minimum volume requirement
• Factoring program designed to fit Client’s need
• Free bank wire transfer service at six affiliated banks

P.O. Financing/Trade Financing

Companies utilize Purchase Order Financing when they receive large orders or contracts that they cannot complete without obtaining additional financing. Our Purchase Order Financing Programs enable clients to secure the inventory they need to fulfill customer orders while maintaining a healthy cash flow.


Benefits of P.O. Financing
• Increased sales volume by taking large orders from customers
• Enhance profits without additional capital
• Quick and easy availability of Purchase Order Financing
• No additional collateral required


Trade Financing

products are offered to meet the needs of ever growing international trading business. We can service foreign vendors obtain credit guarantee when they export to U.S. customers.

• Short-term Advances
• Letter of Guarantee
• Commercial Letters of Credit
• Stand-By Letters of Credit
• Document Collection
• Payment Guarantee of U.S. Customers to Foreign Vendors